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The Romance Business Center


The Romance Business Center
offers the online Romance-Relationship industry a broad range of informational resources designed to help both new and experienced Website operators succeed in growing their businesses.

Founded in 2003, RomanceBiz.com is the #1 source of Romance-Relationship industry information available on the Web today. For more information contact RBC at: jaw@RomanceBiz.com

Match-Marks.com is America's #1 Singles Site Dedicated to Identifying Truly Compatible Partners. We achieve this by providing our members with an innovative matchmaking system for identifying psychologically compatible individuals that have the highest probability of forming a long-lasting relationship.

When combined with their personalized customer service, and the specialty information products available via their Web site, Match-Marks.com has established itself as a fast growing presence in the $300 million plus, On-line Romance-Relationship Marketplace. For more information, please send all
inquiries to info@match-marks.com.

The clients and brands listed below are a sampling of our past projects. Take some time, explore their Websites, or contact us here to learn more about the brand management strategies developed for these clients and how we can develop similar ideas for your business.

The eWorksBiz Hosting Service is
a turn-key Web site hosting provider giving small business operators an alternative to developing their own Web sites. Our technical skills in the following areas provide maximum value for your Web site development needs:

- HTML Web site Development
- Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
- MySQl

eWorksBiz Hosting Service can deliver the flexible hosting services you need to meet all your online business realization goals. For more information contact us at: info@eWorksBiz.com

eWorksBiz Hosting Service

ONESource Technical, Inc.

ONESource Technical, Inc. is a Staffing and HR Consulting firm focused on helping clients manage growth through all phases of their businesses' life-cycle. Their speciality lies in delivering superior results in the following areas:

- Staffing
- Process Improvement
- Customized Training

For more information about how ONESource Technical, Inc. can solve your business needs, please contact us here: Jdfolger@onsourcetechnical.com

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Maple Ridge Vineyard, LLC

Maple Ridge Vineyard is a Thompson, Ohio based organic farm and vineyard.
Specialities include Cabernet Franc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Riesling wines as well as organically grown farm produce.

Sampling room is open Saturdays from
2-7pm or any other day by appointment.
For more information please contact 
them here: mrvllc1@alltel.net

Conversation King - China

Conversation King - China is a Chinese language version of the popular, UK-based, Conversation King  

Translated into the "Simplified Chinese" language used by mainland China residents, and "localized" to account for cultural differences,  this online business is now reaching new markets by taking their brand global.

 For more information, please contact 
them at: support@conversation-king.cn

51Dates.com - China

51Dates.com - China is a Chinese language Online Dating service directory and review Website focused on this fast growing segment of the Chinese online marketplace.

51Dates, phonetically translated as "I Want Dates" was developed using the Simplified Chinese character set used by mainland China residents. A Tra-ditional Chinese character version (used by Taiwan and Hong Kong) is planned for a later release.

 For more information, please contact 
them at: support@51dates.com

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Donuts2Go.com is an online food ordering service where customers can pre-order coffee and donuts from their favorite local donut shops. 

Launched in the USA in 2007, the Donuts2Go.com brand has plans to extend their reach globally to markets such as Australia, Singapore and the UK in 2008.

 For more information, please contact 
them at: info@donuts2go.com

Western Reserve Controls, Inc. 


Western Reserve Controls, Inc. (WRC) 
is an Akron Ohio, USA, manufacturer of 
Open Architecture Automation Controllers, 
Data Acquisition systems, I/O Components and Network Communication products for the Factory, Building and Process Automation industries since 1991.

For more information, please contact 
them at: sales@wrcakron.com

is a cooking and food oriented information product business generating sales through Google Adsense advertising and referenced affiliate products. 

For more information, please contact 
them at:

Vito Wong's Chitalian Foods



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