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Brand Development: Product Naming
Beauty is only name-deep: A classic experiment has demonstrated this point. An experimenter identified two women whom a group of people had rated as being equal in beauty. The experimenter then went to a second group and added names to the two women. One woman was given the name Jennifer and the other was named Gertrude. 

What  do you think happened when the second group voted on which woman was prettier? You got it. The results were 158 votes for Jennifer, 39 votes for Gertrude.

We'll make sure the name you choose for your product positions it with the positive brand image that delivers maximum customer response and revenue.

Brand Development: Repositioning
Companies that lose sight of their markets quickly suffer the consequences. Today, the danger of losing market position is especially great. The three primary reasons for this are:

1. The fast pace of changing technology
2. The quick and unpredictable shifting of customer attitudes
3. The increase in competition within the global economy

We'll assess your global competitive position and help you refocus you current brand value proposition, move your brand to a new category, or reposition your brand at premium price levels.

Brand Development: Pricing
We'll develop your pricing strategy based on your brand's positioning and customer value delivered while optimizing it for maximum margin attainment and investment ROI.

Brand Development: Product Development
Every aspect of your product design must reinforce your brand value proposition. For example, ever seen the box for an Apple Ipod? The Ipod box "screams" that it's a quality product and people think it's so elegant looking they never throw the box away.

People always judge a book by its cover - even for industrial products. We'll make sure your product development strategy includes the brand image look-and-feel that will make your products stand out among the competition.

Brand Development:   Promotion
Most marketers confuse brand building with brand maintenance. The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising. We'll develop a Public Relations plan for getting your brand message in front of the market and keeping it there.

Brand Development: Sales Force & Channel Development
We'll evaluate your current channel's "readiness to serve" for your brand's image and value proposition and provide recommendations for improvement.

Our extensive global experience along with our alliance network of Manufacturers Representatives and Distributors can also provide your brand access to new geographic markets including Europe, China, South East Asia and Latin America.

Brand Development: Geographic Customization - Globalization
Marketing strategies that work in an English speaking western culture may not be optimal for other areas of the world. For example, just translating your product brochure and Website into another language will never make your brand a market leader in another country. In fact, more often than not, a poorly translated promotional document or sales program can do more harm than good.

We'll make sure your Brand's launch into new global markets is properly positioned and executed to achieve the desired results.

Management Consulting: Competitive Analysis
We'll provide an independent assessment of your product versus your competition for performance, features, costs and fitness for the market need.

Management Consulting: Portfolio GAP Analysis
We'll review your product and service offerings versus the market opportunity, the competition and potential adjacent markets to help you better direct your future Marketing and R&D investments.

Management Consulting: Product & Technology Roadmapping
We'll assist you with planning for a new product line and evaluate the critical technologies required to execute the new product or service development and market place rollout.

Management Consulting: Strategic Planning
We'll assist you with the development of a strategic and tactical business plan ranging from new business development to divesture of an existing business or product line.

Market Research: Voice of the Customer
We'll perform customer interviews for validation of product and service concepts as well as gathering voice of the customer feedback on your brand value proposition.

Market Research: Primary & Seconday
We'll perform industry market research to provide market size, market drivers and trends, technology disrupters, competitive positions, opportunities for differentiation, potential new adjacent markets, competitive threats and growth trends.


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